Plenty of selling today

Spooz gapped open below support level at 2065.5 and has never looked back.Today’s Economic releases were of minor concern.Individual Company’s earnings  had  very limited impact on   broader stock markets.Sentiment is Sour as the Stronger yen  has  Kicked the  Stock bulls in the shins.Stronger Euro in turn weighing on European Stocks prices as well.The downside leaders in europe were  Autos,banks and technology sectors.Maybe some month end selling weighing on prices  but i wouldn’t blame much on that.The  BOJ decision not to provide more stimulus and Stronger Eurozone GDP may indicate that central banks are done or incapable of  providing more Stimulus. Just one thought why  Stocks worldwide are falling out of bed.

Gold,Silver platinum on a tear all week.Treasuries sideways to higher ,I believe  they are being impacted by month end order flow.They are trying to rally but have little luck in staying in the Green.

if spooz can recapture 2065.5 level today might not be a disaster.if it closes below that level   short term trend is down.

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