Economic releases

Early morning releases were bullish and the 9:00  came out bearish for dollar.The short  memory of the “market”  focusing on the latter. Dollar making  a new low  and Euro  up on new highs.Chicago PMI came in below expectations as Did consumer confidence. In The consumer confidence report the Job metrics (hard to get  /jobs plentiful) also disappointed.All of this was neutralized by the real solid personal spending number that was out earlier this morning. Spoos took a hit due to the weak numbers  but have regained the 2100 handle. We do have a  Event risk at end of  week with ECB meeting, Opec ,ISM manufacturing and   payroll report. Spoos so far have 3 handle range since 8:30 open.probabilities for rate hike have dipped in june (30-28%) but jumped in July (53  to 56%) July seems to be the Month for rate hike.

Soy-meal  and corn have been sold here on the open. US crop progress today will show corn plantings almost complete  and Soybeans not far behind.The harvest in Argentina also over 90% have priced in all the damage and destruction out of Argentina?managed money a proxy for Speculators have left Steady their positions in Soy beans for 3 straight weeks.waiting on a trigger  either to buy more  or Sell. Today’s action would indicate leaning towards  sell.The meal trade has not seen back to back daily losses in 2 weeks.meal down on Friday and trading lower today. Dont want to be last rat off the Ship.

latest UK online poll shows 47% leave and 44 % stay. Stoxx did not  like it  and neither did Pound.Spooz back below the handle on  new session lows due to  UK poll report.

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