Feds Fischer

Vice chairman Fischer appeared om CNBC and clarified chair Yellen’s comments He Said” Yellen’s speech Consistent with a September rate hike” Also Next Jobs report  “Will weigh on  rate hike decision.”  Dollar higher,yen through support,yield curve flattens as Short end prices show a  greater chance of September hike.Five years -7 ticks  ultras -4! readjustment for sure. Higher  dollar weighing  on all Commodities with the exception of Oil as Rumors of a Yemeni missile having struck a Saudi oil installation keeps it bid.Stocks saw biggest sell program of the Month,based on Tick Data per BB and traded into a  gap from early August.The move higher in dollar has shaken the markets out of the doldrums at least for a few hours.

In the Energy space The Tropical wave located near the bahamas is still providing worries.Model guidance shows possible track  running into the gulf.All  forecasts for now  bu tit may keep a bid in the oil through the close.

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