Holiday Markets

Spoos  have 5 handle range since 8:30 open ,overnight Currency vol down  29% For Yen due to post BOJ relief.1 week vol for Euro -6%,Pound -4%.Vix  stands little changed at 11.5 as Expiration  is tomorrow.The Push for Dow 20K ran out of steam at 19987,close but no cigar.

There  is some trade in the Livestock  complex as  the bullish Environment has resulted in some overbought conditions in both front month hogs and Cattle.RSI for  February Cattle at 73  equalling the highest in months.February lean hogs RSI stands at 79  is the highest in months!cattle on feed report,Quarterly Hogs report and Cold storage report all due Friday at 11:00.These are a big deal for the Cattle  and Hogs  similar to monthly Jobs report  for Bonds and stocks.Quite possibly expecting a Bullish number.This is a rareity on Friday as  Cattle reports are  Normally released after the close.

European Stock Futures drifting higher into cash close.Bonds have been heavy all day  blah

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