Busy morning outside stocks

An Announcement by trump administration that they are going to change Ethanol rules for refiners and also create an environment for More American demand of Bio fuel  has surprised the markets.Below find bloomberg article

(Bloomberg) — Carl Icahn and leading U.S. biofuel trade group presented a deal for revamping Renewable Fuel Standard to White House, according to people familiar with the agreement.

Deal would shift point of obligation for RFS and change EPA regulation to allow more ethanol use during hotter months, according to Bob Dinneen, head of the Renewable Fuels Association Change would “greatly expand the market opportunities for ethanol,” Dinneen says in phone interview

Ethanol will be used  year round instead of Seasonal  so thus more demand for corn (at its peak +20 cents today) More ethanol =less gasoline  (rbob -500 ticks)Refiners that were not built for ethanol mixtures would buy renewable fuel credits to comply with EPA standards.So now no need to Buy these  credits  thus better for stocks bottom Line.Valero +2%.Within the Executive order There also curbs for importing Biodiesel from Argentina thus increasing demand for U.S. soybeans  and Soy oil.This plan though needs passage from Congress to be implemented so Bullishness could wane.

Soy oil almost touched limit and And beans were +140 ticks at her highs.

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