Sell ‘Em!

Per Mizuho  Month end activity is to sell $9B in stocks and buy in treasuries.Also   biggest sell  program of the year  just went through( measured By Tick data).Bonds higher on this Risk off move.If  we believe Mizuho Numbers  then this selloff has nothing to do with Expectations for Trump speech and all to do with Month End gyrations.Based on my  morning reads I tend to believe  and agree with Mizuho.Showing up on twitter over last few minutes are reports of  shots fired at a speech given by French president Hollande.These shootings are accidental per twitter?! These shootings may have  been  some of reason for spoo sell off. Let’s see if Risk can bounce now that we know  these are accidental.

Before anyone gets too nervous  yesterday’s Pit low in Spoos 2351.70.No need to panic unless this level threatened

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