Sell everything?

Month end Activity to blame as FANG,OIl,Dax all being sold. Bonds trying to work Inverse to the sell off in Risk but struggling to find footing to upside.Euro chopping around the unchanged level and Dollar sideways.Very little  Movement in Currencies  is more evidence that Gyrations in Stocks is order flow driven.Things could get ugly if Nasdaq trades below Fridays low /last weeks lows of 5845.  Amzon Dipped below $1000 with very little fanfare as prices quickly snapped back above the handle.$996 is an Area that I am Watching closely.A flush in Amazon=Flush in Nasdaq.The break of $1000 was a fake out  for now.

Crude oil is  still Stuck within Fridays Pit range  of 49.15-49-81.Overnight action saw a break of $50 but action above that level was  short lived.I would expect an increase in Volatility around the Europe/London Close due to Month end trade.I talked last week about the Front month Crude spreads becoming tighter as a way to measure bullish/Bearish  Today these spreads  are wider and point to a bearish outlook for  prices.

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