Yield Curve

From Bloomberg

block trddd

The end of/ or profit taking in the Flattening of the Yield continues today.Yield curves function as an Indicator they flatten or steepen for various  economic reasons and portend growth or recessions.US yield curve has  trended flatter for weeks in fact the 5/30 was the tightest in 10 +years.What Changed ?The Trump tax plan announcement is what changed.Steepening of Yield curve indicates a couple of things 1) Rising Inflation Expectations 2)Stronger Economic growth 3) in the case of tax cuts an increase in deficits that will be funded by selling more treasuries.All of the movement last 2 days is due to some type of tax cut being implemented.The size and  timing still not known  but yield curve is on its way to readjusting for this impact .

5/30 yield spread below

45 30 curve

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