Morning 11-30

Bitcoin, Bitcoin almost $11,000 just crazy Broke 10K last night and almost Breeched 11k earlier this morning.
Germany Inflation higher by .1% but had little lasting impact on Euro. One-step closer for republican tax Plan to become law has been driver of sentiment and prices overnight. European Bourses also getting a lift from Comments from EU leaders saying they have reached an outline agreement with UK for Divorce bill, GBP +60 pips .Fiscal Policy the driver of action again.
Chair Yellen makes one last congressional testimony today as Fed chair, her comments hitting wire at 7:00 and having an Impact on the markets. She said
• “US expansion Increasingly broad based”
• Low inflation likely transitory” She differs here from what Powell hinted at yesterday
• “Growth appears to be up from Subdues pace”
Spoos +3 handles, NASDAQ +2 DAX +.8%, Mib +.8%. Treasuries lower more so on long end as curve steepens as tax bill and Yellen comments create a feeling of Higher not lower inflation in the future.remeber how aggressively yield curve has been flattening so some adjustment, Stops Loss profit taking should add to curve steepened
Dollar higher, gold lower. First revision of GDP is of Minor importance today, as markets are forward looking not backward.

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