Below find a  daily graph of US 5 year yields that have scored a multi-year high today.5 year yields following the short end of the curve  higher  in making new multi year highs.The cause is pricing in more not less fed hikes.5 year yield

Below look at 10 year yields on a daily basis,as they have struggled to breakout of a 2 month sideways pattern.Short end worried about rate hikes  long end  worried about Inflation.If 10’s can trade above 2.48 Yield it will be approaching  a 2 year high.lets see  a break of these yield levels and then we could get some technical momentum helping to push prices even lower/yields higher.Dow +375 is sure a good way to test these yield levels.

10 yr yield

2 years yields ,8 year high,5 year yields 6 year highs and  10s cant even make YTD highs.You have to believe that the wave of Higher short term yields will eventually turn into higher  long term yields.But we need the catalyst of  higher Inflation to make that happen.

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