Stronger growth?

A head scratcher today as market Theme hard to put into one category. Making session highs and trending higher are Dollar,Spoos ,Bunds Dax. Steady near session highs are treasuries as Bonds +20 ticks and Ultras + 1  handle,Bunds +60. Dollar bid as Euro longs are unwound post Draghai and An Upgrade to Q1 GDP from Atlanta Fed and Barclays brings stronger Growth story back on table. If lower rates were cause of move higher in Bonds and stocks then dollar should not be making new highs.Treasuries having a hard time moving lower with Bunds higher.Marching  to own beat today as Categorizing the whole market with one term is impossible .Watch for European Close at 10:30 and 7 year auction at noon it is possible once   these events pass treasuries will act accordingly and move lower

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