Risk ??

Risk On ,Off  ,sideways trade we have seen it all  so far today.Currency intervention by Brazil central bank,Argentina needing more help from IMF,and a Sell off in the Yuan all made Currency  movements the driver of Flows today.Amazon traded up to 2025 then all the way back down to 1985 and now back  to highs  a microcosm of today’s trade. Europe closed and Spoos have put in a decent rally trading Little changed ,nasdaq +26 handles and Dow down a  touch.WTI +1%,brent +.75% Gasoline +1.3% as plenty of drivers expected over labor day Holiday and thus More oil demand.Crude Oil calendar spreads are bid  and that is all you need to know for crude to be higher on day. Crude oil brent spread trading tighter for first time in 5 days

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