Buy Em

Breakdown OF Stock Sectors driving the Push  higher in Spoos. Disregard telecommunication  group because it is only 3 stocks.Notice that real estate and utilities having a nice day and remember that lower not higher rates drive these sectors higher. Look at financials as this is exact opposite , Lower rates drive prices  lower.Yesterdays mysterious??  drop in Spoos may well have been order/Quarter End driven  and thus providing  a buying opportunity.Stronger dollar providing a bit of confusion as it normally associates with weaker spoos.JPM  upgrade  of Apple helping FANNG rally today,Both MS and Merril’s FANNG Index  +1.2%%


Stoxx 50,Dax  trading higher as well.Take a look at the Stoxx 600 Sectors pushing prices higher in Europe :


less inflation worries theme might hold if it wasn’t for Dollar rallying and  Bonds a bit heavy today. US yield Curve  unchanged  to a bit  steeper this morning so thus not providing signals to other major assets. Simple Risk on Theme for  the trade today

Nat Gas +2.5% today as a big miss in storage numbers due to Hurricane Florence push prices above $3

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