Choppy again

Plenty of  Bullish/bearish trump/Xi headlines  and tweets to cause Markets to chop, the latest from Dow jones  provided a bid erasing some of today’s losses in Spooz

DJ *U.S., China Exploring Deal to De-escalate Trade Tensions: Sources

*DJ *U.S. China Talks Focus on Delayed Tariffs for China Policy Changes: Sources

*DJ *U.S., China Discuss Trade Ahead of Expected Buenos Aires Trump-Xi Summit

Bonds  continue to stay in the green ,Yield Curve flatter today  as the long End Outperforms 30 year yields -2.6 bps   10 year yields -3.5,7year yields -3bps    2s -.8 and 3s -1.4 bps. Less inflation, less fed worries providing a bid in longer end. Dovish fed/Weaker macro Outlook could be  reason for shape of curve today as it Bull flattens.

 Nat gas lower on  day as weather turns warmer and weekly draw much, much smaller than expected.A double whammy of bearish news ,but gas only -2.3% on day.Crude still bouncing here  and that’s all it is , until yesterdays highs and bottom of gap at 52.31 are taken  out and traded above.

 A few other headlines of Note Officials from Germany’s top Auto companies will be  at white house on Tuesday.Trump Administration will hold a roundtable discussion with tech companies   but no date given as of yet.

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