Market update

Public Service Announcement

Due to harsh weather Most D.C. offices shut so the FOMC minutes will be released on Web site before any news agencies can read and provide important headlines.We could see a bit more volatility due to this as it will take a bit more time for minutes to be digested.Recall that the Fed pivoted to a central bank on hold from one on a rate hike cycle so many questions need to be answered.Discussions surrounding Balance sheet runoff will be monitored as well ,the current forecast is for Fed to halt the unwind by year end.

Spoos Higher by 5 handles and struggling to trade aggressively above yesterday’s highs.Long end bonds being weighed down by hefty amount of IG paper to be priced today,short end steady.All markets waiting for FOMC minutes and dollars reaction

Impressive move higher by Crude and brent today as Nigeria contemplating cutting production to boost prices.Gasoline on the bid since 8:00 pit open refinery issues one possibility

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