A few more charts

First plenty of questions of why the Cl/Brent spread collapsed to one year lows, A few thoughts the story of pipeline down between Cushing and wood river ,Il. Monday A holiday and Lightly traded CL Whereas Brent more of a normal type day,A bit of pressure as price dropped below YTD lows. below is a graph of generic 1 month cal spreads for both CL and Brent,by looking at this graph not much of a surprise to see that Cl/Brent spread continues to trade wider. Brent roll a bit stronger=Supply worries and CL front roll a bit weaker=too much supply.

Dalian Soymeal futures ,very few down days so far this month

So far today Corn +3.34% every new high=new contract high, Soybean +3%,Soymeal +4.1% hard wheat 4% & and Soft CBOT wheat +3%

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