Just voted upon ” House Democrats adopted a resolution adopting procedures that will govern the public portion of their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, but no Republicans joined them in supporting the measure despite requesting the probe be conducted transparently” via Rollcall alerts

Risk OFf continues helped by an Ugly Chicago PMI number which was near a 4 year low,Some idiosyncratic features such as GM strike and Boeing issues may have skewed number to downside. Spoos down 17 handles,nasdaq -24 handles , loses could be bigger if it wasn’t for the Strength in FB and Apple still basking in the glow of good earnings.Treasuries rallying hard and Curve flattening for the Second day,December rate cut probasilites 10% higher then yesterdays close via BB.

Copper possibly experiencing a bit of End of Month profit taking after trending higher the entire month, copper -2%. Crude following risk lower -1.6%,Nat Gas -1.45 % . Dollar looking at a 4th consecutive lower close trading off .3%.

From mizuho “Today is the last day for many funds to sell their energy shares. Many mutual funds have today as their fiscal year end, so it makes sense that there is some tax-loss related activity. Worst performing sector is energy today. “

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