Morning 12-13

Everyone loves all things British today as the magnitude of the conservatives win points to a pro-business anti austerity  agenda for PM Johnson, conservatives now hold biggest majority since 1987 FTSE +1.6% ,Pound +1.66% but well off session highs, gilt yields only +1.7 bps though as yields well off highs of day.

China Still has not said much about Trade deal, CNBC report saying China not willing to commit to massive Ag purchases. Some Doubt creeping in whether or Not China will agree to this deal. Bloomberg story saying that China wants no big signing ceremony; they do not want text of deal released to public, sounds very secretive and a bit irregular. Same story goes on to say unlikely a phase two deal before next year’s election thus one and Done? China will be holding a press conference shortly to comment on deal

Risk On For stocks  still but fading a bit, spoos 10 handles off highs but still green, NKY closed higher by 2.6% biggest advance in 10 months(Mizuho),Shanghai closed +1.78% all European  bourses higher gold and silver steady and palladium +2%.. Spoos roll to march today, Expiration one week from today ,Currencies futures rolled to as well

 Today all eyes on China press conference do they agree to deal or do they will not more concessions from US, all eyes on twitter and news feeds again today

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