Yield curves

First, before we talk about Yield curves lets look at outright Bund Yields which are approaching a big resistance area,If broken maybe we see a bit of Liquidation in futures.Less bad to Good IFO data likely a catalyst

Now On to the U.S. Yield curve which is and has been steepening or trading higher for the last few weeks,So much so that 2019 Highs are in jeopardy of being taken out.Recession worries, which flatten the yield curve earlier this year are forgotten. A steeper yield curve on the other hand indicates optimism about global growth,I will use a Morgan Stanley Explanation for a steeper curve which I think is appropriate for this time. “The yield curve is a reflection of global demand and supply of capital and provides an indication of what participants think long term inflation prospects will be.” so A steeper yield besides other things indicates a positive outlook for global economy as demand fro Capital likely on the rise and maybe a whiff of inflation.

3 month 10 year

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