Morning 2-12

A few things:

 Greek 10 year yields approaching 1%, as the hunt For Any Positive Yield in Europe continues. 10 years ago they were going to be kicked out of EU.

New Corona Virus Cases on Chinese mainland as of February 11th stand at 2015 down from 2478 prior day. The trend of Lower new cases continues. Below is histogram of reported new cases in mainland china trend is lower?? Chart via Bloomberg

  Bernie sanders wins New Hampshire primary with Biden finishing 4th  if Biden does poorly in Either Nevada or South Carolina it is likely his run is over. Positive correlation between chances of Sanders winning nomination and Trump being re-elected. Mike Bloomberg is the only candidate at least right now that appears to have a chance to beat Trump.

  Per Bloomberg 20 day correlation between SPX and bonds stands at 90% the highest since June of 2010

  EZ industrial production a bit worst then consensus this isn’t a surprise as member countries reports were also bad.


 Risk On Stock Higher Spoos ,Nasdaq, Stoxx 50  ~.5% higher ,Dax +.7% Shanghai +.87% South Korea +.6% .Yields higher Gold off a bit as is Jpy and Copper +.4% as it tries to bounce for a second day. Oil, Cl +2.3% and Brent +2.6% following the idea that Worst is behind us for Virus. Economic calendar light, Powell Testimony a

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