Morning 2-14

Virus News:
• China reported 5000 new cases in Hubei after confirming close to 15K
• WHO said a Surge in diagnoses didn’t necessarily indicate a spike in Infections( good enough reason for stocks to push higher)
Still not much Clarity on Virus situation but what markets can say with Certainty is that Central banks are here to provide Stimulus by lowering rates cheap Loans and QE

Economic News:
The Eurozone economy grew only 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019, below 0.3 percent expansion reported in the previous three-month period, a second estimate showed. That was the weakest pace of growth since a 0.4 percent contraction in the first quarter of 2013. Among the bloc’s largest economies, German GDP stalled, while France and Italy contracted 0.1 and 0.4 percent respectively. On the other hand, Spain’s economy expanded 0.5 percent. (Trading Economics This is pre Virus Impact, Not good for Eurozone so Likely More Easing from ECB or Finally some type of Fiscal Boost thus the weakness in Euro. Mexico Cut rates by 25bps joining three other emerging market to cut rates this year.

• Nvidia Much better than expected stock +6% All Chip makers bid
• Roku, Expedia also better earning they are trading higher premarket open

Stocks, bonds, bunds gold all a bit higher Jpy steady as long as no tape bombs regarding virus Stocks likely to bleed higher, Bonds Playing off expectations of Central bank easing 52% chance of June rate hike. Retails sales missed on the all-important control group per BBG “Average growth in US retail sales control group for the past 6 months: 0%” this will only add to rate cut probability

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