New 52 week highs today

Chipotle Home Depot Lowe’s TJX Costco Hormel Coke Monster Bev Pepsico Ingersoll-Rand Fastenal Aon MSCI S&P Global
Adobe AMD Intuit NVIDIA MasterCard PayPal Visa
Duke Energy Dominion

Kudlow on the Wires saying trump wants 10% Middle class tax cut and thinking of making some of the previous tax cuts permanent.Plan likelt to be released in September,right Before Election.,This has lifted spoos a bit

Central bank rate Moves (Central bank


NET CHANGE: -175 basis points
TOTAL RATE CUTS: 200 basis points
RATE CUTS: Iceland, Thailand, Brazil, Honduras, Philippines, Russia, Belarus and Mexico
TOTAL RATE RISES: 25 basis points
RATE RISES: Czech Republic


NET CHANGE: -1,125 basis points
TOTAL RATE CUTS: 1,125 basis points
RATE CUTS: Argentina (3 times), Macedonia, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, Kenya, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Azerbaijan
TOTAL RATE RISES: 0 basis points

I realize most of these Countries are not the Engines of World Economic growth but they are a part of the machine.19 central Banks have cut rates so far this year, this appears to be A World trying to reflate then one with Rapid growth. The virus will only force more central bank rate cuts not less at least for the next Quarter or two.This does not include the Fiscal policy ,lower taxes and Fees and Central bank measures cheap loan liquidity injections that China is implementing to soften the pain and provide plenty stimulus to goose economy .Not a good sign or confidence in world economy when most central banks have an easing bias before the impact of the Virus is truly known or felt. Easy monetary policy=Good for stocks

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