WHO commentary

• Research suggest bats are main source of Coronavirus, with possible intermediate host
• Average age of confirmed patents is 51
• Main transmission pathway is respiratory droplets, fecal. possibility of aerosol but this is not main pathway
• Virus is age impartial, universally susceptible
• Over 3,000 Medical Staff Infected – WHO Team in Beijing
• Most cases are mild, 80% mild, 13.8% severe, 6.1% Critical
• Fatality rate 3-4% in China, excluding Wuhan 0.7%
• Diagnostics have improved
• Two weeks for mild recovery, 3-6 weeks for severe
• China took old fashioned approach but response in China changed over time to science and risk based approach
• China’s bold approach has changed course of rapidly escalating epidemic
• Declined in China Coronavirus Cases is ‘Real’ – WHO Team in Beijing
• WHO notes steep drop in fevers reported at hospitals, hospital beds opening up
• Challenge for developing an anti-viral trial is to find cases because of the drop in patients
• China’s approached helped avoid tens if not hundreds of thousands of cases in China
• Outbreak cases could come back up as China opens up again
• The world needs experience and material of China in battling coronavirus disease
• Barriers against China will compromise response
• Country has demonstrated its measures can work
• Global community not ready with mindset or materials to use China’s measures
• China felt a responsibly to protect world from virus, they locked down cities of millions for weeks to prevent spread, and it slowed spread
• Only one drug with real efficacy, remdesivir (Nasdaq: GILD)

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