Why are Stocks Higher

Chinese local govts have announced more than 11 trillion yuan worth of investment, most in infrastructure projects, in an effort to boost the economy that has been hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Hong Kong talking of a massive fiscal stimulus package and rumors floating around that the New budget will allow cash payments to Every Citizen older then 18 roughly $1000

JPM with a note forecasting a huge jump in china’s GDP in the neighborhood of 14% in Second half of this year.

Goldman Sachs with a note listing 6 reasons why you should be buying stocks now.

New home Sales For January beat consensus by 2 standard deviations a very Strong number.


Dax and Stoxx little changed but SPX+1.3%,INDU +1.4% and NDX +1.7% .Take note that treasury Complex is not falling out of bed as there is a 70% chance of an April Rate cut

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