Morning 3-4

Biden Is back& Per Washington post Powered by African American, suburbanites and older voters, Biden won Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) pulled off wins in his home state of Vermont, Colorado, and Utah with the support of Latino and young progressive voters. We’re still waiting on the results of Super Tuesday’s biggest prize California where Sanders is likely to win. But Biden’s blowout performance in other states means we don’t know who will emerge from last night’s contest with the greatest number of delegates. It’s Biden’s pragmatic fight for the soul of America against Sanders’s populist revolution in what’s shaping up to be a two-man race

&And Stocks Like it as less worries about A Sanders Win as Democratic Nominee Push Spoos Higher +1.8%, Nasdaq +1.9,Stoxx 50 +2.6%,Dax +2.1% and Italys MIb +1.9%. Another 100-point range in Spoos overnight indicates volatility is not dead. United health care an inverse proxy for A Sanders chance at Winning the Nomination is +10% premarket as Chance for Medicare for all takes a hit.

Treasury Yields little changed as the Specter of More rate cuts provide an Underlying bid. Bank of Canada Meets at 9:00 and are expected to cut .25% Rumor that BOE and or ECB will take some type of immediate action is floating around today as well. The Yuan Was a big winner yesterday as it rose the most vs Dollar this year. No One Likes the Euro today as it trades Lower Vs all the G7 currencies, Euro has rallied smartly these last 2 weeks and maybe the Rumor of Some type of ECB action is a reason to takes some profits. Gold steady Oil +1% as Saudi Arabia ups the ante saying they Want cuts of greater the 1Mln barrels.

Virus news:
” Amazon Announced a case at Facilities in Seattle (Washington state is the hotspot it appears)
” Italy may Close all Schools and universities
” More Conference in U.S. canceled, one right here in Chicago. UBS the latest firm to halt all international travel
” U.S. Death total is 9
” ECB has restricted non-Essential travel
” South Koreas Govt. wants to spend an additional $9.8B Fiscal Stimulus

Eco Calendar:
ADP in line with estimates 182k jobs created
9:00 ISM non-manufacturing a Big Deal
10:00 Feds Bullard on Bloomberg TV
1:00 beige book

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