lets look at Some of the under lying plumbing of the markets to see how much panic and or stress. The Virus causing some personal and health worries but these metrics below indicate the problems are going a bit deeper into economy’s plumbing and cause more problems for the economy.

benchmark corporate fear gauge,an index of IG(investment grad) Credit default swaps . The higher it goes the higher risk of Default of Investment grade companies.
JNK ETF junk bond etf
3 month libor-ois the banking stress indicator made famous in the 2008 GFC this metric is used in its simplest form as the Credit worthiness of banking system. Higher the value the more stress
lastly this is 2-30 yield spread this I put on here to show the gyration of this Spread.market pricing 75bps of easing at next weeks fed meeting,keeping short end bid but the Long end reaction a bit of a head scratcher for now. Quite possibly worries about today’s 10 year auction and tomorrow 30 year

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