Dollar Liquidity

main reason for Massive rate cut and QE expansion is to provide Dollar liquidity.A shortage of Dollars is not good for world wide banking system. Below are two Charts that shows the “cost” of Swapping Euro and yen for Dollars is on the rise.

the lower this chart goes the more expansive it is to swap dollars for Jpy. That is what has Fed and Central banks worldwide scared,Look at spike lower to start today’s trade after all the fed actions.
Cost of Swapping euros for Dollars. Notice the activity the last 3 days a scramble for dollars .Again this is what has the Fed concerned and why they acted as they did Sunday night

BREAKING: NY, CT and NJ are taking joint regional action to reduce the spread of #COVID19:

Effective 8PM TONIGHT:

-Crowd capacity reduced to 50
-Restaurants/bars will be takeout/delivery ONLY
-Gyms closed
-Movie theaters closed
-Casinos closed

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