Less broken markets via IFR news

GRAPHIC: Fed – Less broken markets, liquidity/depth issues remain
Mar 24 2020 10:07 by Divyang Shah
The bid/offer yield spread on the CTD for TYM0 (Chart 1) and USM0 (Chart 2) contracts as well as the difference between NAV/price of two major Treasury ETFs (BND & AGG; Chart 3) suggest that the bond markets are less broken. The massive intervention from the Fed via QE has certainly helped but despite this effort we have not seen a reversion to ‘normal’ as further healing is still required. There are still issues with market liquidity/depth and it may take a lot more than just the Fed opening up its balance sheet for normality to return. However, these early signs of a less broken market are positive. Chart 1: Chart 2: Chart 3: (Reporting by Divyang Shah) ((divyang.shah@thomsonreuters.com;)) TYM0 BIDOFFER : https://tmsnrt.rs/2vfRdnc USMO BIDOFFER : https://tmsnrt.rs/2TNN43q PRICE VS NAV : https://tmsnrt.rs/33r2Ft3

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