Why Stocks Higher?

First this :

@bespokeinvest Currently on pace for the best three day market advance since 4/20/1933. Any S&P 500 cash close above 2549.50 today will do to knock off the best three days since the Great Depression: the sessions ending 11/25/08, when stocks ripped 13.95%.

Good News driving flows:

(Bloomberg) — Henry Schein says an antibody rapid blood
test, known as Standard Q COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test, intended
to be administered at the point of care, is now available.
* Test intended to be administered at the point of care and
delivers results within 15 minutes from a pinprick with no
instrumentation required
* Company anticipates having at least several hundred thousand
tests available by March 30 and significantly increased
availability beginning in April 2020

Pelosi Says House will use a voice vote to pass Stimulus Deal a voice vote indicating smooth sailing for passage. China announcing More stimulus measures 1 trillion Yuan in tax Cuts and $344 Billion in Economic measures

Companies coming to market to issue new debt at twice the Average of pre crisis levels another sign of markets inching back to functioning normally .I already mentioned some Credit spreads tightening and lastly the Drop in Dollar continues down 3.4% so far this week Dollar lower good for everything these days,and Vix off 30% in spot from the Most recent highs

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