Why we are lower

Both Governors of Florida and Pennsylvania have issued some type of Stay at home mandate.Florida has been dragging her feet do to for political and Financial reasons but it appears that the growing number of cases have forced Governor to take these measures. Reports are saying that another wave of virus cases are showing up in a different province in China ,obviously if true this is not good.Gov Cuomo press conference again filled with Dread ,honesty and possibly disaster so Spoos naturally turned lower.

Livestock,Cattle and Hogs limit down as the Run up in supply these last few weeks is finding less and less takers.Talk of Slaughter plants running with less staff and now with States issuing lock down orders slaughterhouse might be processing less meat and thus backing up supply in feed yards. Boxed Beef prices collapsing these last 5 days as is Spot values for hogs

Trump says he will be meeting with oil Execs. to find solution for low oil prices

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