Optimism Day 2

Just focus on the Good news and ignore the bad ,the Blueprint of a bullish market.Even though Number of deaths in New York jumped to a daily record the Number of ICU admissions dropped for 3rd consecutive day and the lowest in 3 weeks.Italy reported fewest new infections since march 13th and Deaths continue to slowly trend lower today’s Number 604 vs 636 yesterday. China has Lifted Wuhan quarantine after 70+ days .Comments from Trump,Mnuchiun and Kudlow lean optimistic and Stocks have taken it and run.Dead cat bounce or start of a new trend,I thing lows are in I believe a playbook is found on how states and cities deal with Virus,plus in an Election year all measure and Money will be used to save the stock market.

I have been looking for a reason as too why Livestock markets limit bid, maybe it is as simple as what is driving stocks, optimism over the Virus ending soon.If so Restaurants are open sooner And demand returns sooner rather then later.The Discount of Futures prices to cash is too wide according to the experts,so if demand back sooner then futures have some catching up to do.

German Fixed income lower as another 143 billion in euros needs to be raised by offering sovereign paper,The total continues to rise not slow down,Bund yields closed higher by 11 bps,Italy by 12 bps Germany will not be only country looking to sell more debt,30 year yields in Germany +10 Bps

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