Debt to GDP

I have been reading an Interview with Dr lacy Hunt,Economist at Hosington Investments, An Aside if you can get their quarterly outlooks they are a vert informative read. But anyway he was talking about the impact on GDP growth due to increase in Debt to GDP ratio.All of us know this going higher and higher just comments today on Bloomberg saying that it is likely we will see monthly Auctions of 2,5,7 year paper at $50B each,currently in mid $30s range,No One should be surprised

Histogram of US Debt to GDP with trend Line imposed .Currently ~107% (trading economics)

Per Dr Hunt “When Govt Debt to GDP level goes above 90%of GDP you lose about a third of your growth rate against Trend” . Another crippling factor per Hunt is “the higher the debt burden the less productive new debt is” The US is going to be taking on a lot of this unproductive new debt in months to come.

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