Next Stimulus package Done

Breakdown of deal reached to expand small biz funding — -per CNBC

  • $250B for PPP – $60B for banks with <$50B in assets –
  • $60B SBA disaster relief – $2.1B for admin of SBA programs –
  • $75B for hospitals –
  • $25B for testing, incl. $11B for states

A few facts from today’s trade:

U.S. 5 year yields scored new all time lows .31%,2 year yields at ..20% all time lows there ~.12%

July Soybeans made a new Contract low as Soy-oil dropped some 4% due to Drop in Crude oil.Soybeans have rallied some 100 ticks to trade little changed, 3 minute chart below.An interesting possible bullish chart forming in beans

May Corn Almost Broke $3 Handle trading down to $3.01 last time front month corn $2 handle 4 years ago. Less demand for Oil=less demand for Ethanol=Less demand for Corn.Also Planting Season underway for Corn

July Corn 3 minute

Italian 30 year yields +30 bps today,5 year yields +25 bps after today’s auctions of said maturities, Daily graph of 30 year yield below\

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