2 Year Bid to cover

Increase in auction size not a worry as the bid to cover at the just completed 2 year auction hits 3.1. Today is One of these days were treasury has a 10:30 and 12:00 Auction 5 -year is at noon.

Russell trying to be a market leader once again the most recent attempts have ended in failure but no harm in trying . Nasdaq +.9% Russell +4% as the latter moves above most recent peak possibly hinting that up trend to continue. The others Spoos and Nasdaq have yet to take out or trade above their respective most recent highs.


Another day another filing from the creators of the USO the latest is that the ETF will roll out of all remaining June Oil contracts by end of Month,There are a few other new directives and features of the ETF but for right here, right now this is the most important news and the reason for Drop in Front month Crude prices,Could be an interesting close. CME did report first Negative oil Option trade the -.5 puts

Nat Gas option expiration today and we have seen some big moves in outright may Contract and the Front month Calendar spread K/M.Attention should be paid to the last half hour of trade

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