Vix vs. Move

Per MOVE index, Chaos in Bond market is Over.The MOVE index is below March Lows in fact lowest in over a year!

Vix telling us a Different story as the March closing lows are roughly holding,Last week Vix cash did close below March lows of 31.99 but so far no momentum to take prices below $30. Whom do we believe the Vix or MOVE , Stocks or Bonds? Is the chaos over?

Can we Look to Europe for a tie- Breaker? The Stoxx vix hasnt taken out the March Closing lows so nervousness in Stocks continues

One final Chart that doesn’t fit the preceding theme, the 20 day Average of Hog Slaughter.Plenty of Inventory just not enough facilities to process or harvest them, Thus higher prices for bacon,Chops and ham as supply at grocery shelves dwindle.Costco out with a not limiting the amount of meat products in a Shopper’s Cart(pro Farmer).I believe Kroger has also started to limit the amount of Meat customers are allowed to buy

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