Bid to cover and Headlines

Bid to cover on latest 10 year auction impressive even more so with the Increased nominal amount and record low yields.Cleanest shirt in dirty laundry pile? 2.69 bid to cover highest since January 2018 and before that highest since mid 2016! very impressive and likely bodes well for tomorrows 30 year .Until something remotely close to a failed auction happens why stop borrowing let market decide when enough is enough,


  • Trump tweet “AS Long as other countries are receiving the benefits of negative rates,the USA should also accept the “Gift”
  • Bearish Stocks “Senator Graham and other Republican senators introduce China sanctions legislation for human rights violations
  • Democrats unveil latest $3T Stimulus bill which happens to be 1800 + pages long,They will likely vote on Friday
  • June Live cattle limit down yesterday , limit up today with expanded limits

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