We knew the Number was going to show a big drop in M/M and Y/Y core

M/M Cpi Core
Y/Y core monthly change

Not suprise to anybody That’s been paying attention,But lets look a the breakdown by Category,a bit more interesting

Be aware of the Jumps in Food and Service inflation offset by the big Drop in Energy,apparel and transportation services

Commentary from BLS;

Food The food index increased 1.5 percent in April following a 0.3-percent increase in March. The food at home index increased sharply in April, rising 2.6 percent. The increase was broad-based, with all six major grocery store food groups increasing at least 1.5 percent over the month.

The index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs increased the most, rising 4.3 percent as the index for eggs increased 16.1 percent. The index for cereals and bakery products rose 2.9 percent in April, its largest monthly increase ever. The index for nonalcoholic beverages also rose 2.9 percent in April, its fourth consecutive increase. The indexes for dairy and related products and for fruits and vegetables both increased 1.5 percent in April.

The index for all items less food and energy decreased 0.4 percent in April. Large declines in several indexes contributed to the record decrease. The apparel index fell 4.7 percent in April. The index for motor vehicle insurance declined 7.2 percent, and the index for airline fares decreased 15.2 percent. Each of these decreases was the largest monthly decline in the history of the respective series.

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