Morning 6-16

  • Eurozone Investor Morale(ZEW) at 5year high
  • German Investor Morale at 14 year highs
  • The cost of credit insurance for both investment-grade and high-yield European corporate debt fell the most in two months after the Fed unveiled plans to buy individual corporate bonds under its Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility instead of only exchange-traded funds.
  • North Korea blew up an inter-Korean border office on Tuesday as tensions rise between Pyongyang and South Korea, but all for show The explosion was mostly symbolic, as the office was shut down in January due to coronavirus concerns. More importantly it was Kim Jun Un Sister who called for attack Hmmmm
  • Skirmish at Indian-Chinese boarders results in Fatalities, Both sides pledge  to lower tensions
  • Trump proposing a $1 trillion stimulus package, No word on it will be paid for.More stimulus=Higher stocks
  • the US national debt is now growing by about $1 trillion per month. In fact, based on daily data from the Treasury, the monthly growth rate averaged $1.2 trillion in May and is currently clocking in at $857 billion a

Markets :NKY closed higher +4.8%,Dax +3.3%,Mib +3.7%,All 10 stoxx 600 sectors higher ,CL +2.6%,DXY steady ,Silver +.75% Gold steady. Treasury Curve steeper 30 year yields +6 bps 2s tied to zero Financial Stocks will like a steeper curve Spoos +1% Nas +1.55

  Pain trade is higher. A record number (78%) of fund managers surveyed by Bank of America think the stock market is overvalued. Investors in the survey view long US tech and growth stocks as most crowded trade with 72% of investors saying it is the most “crowded trade”; #2 Long cash, #3 Long US Treasuries, #4 Long gold – De Welt via Mizuho

Risk On  as the Fed  Fires one bazooka after another Latest Corp Bond buying Plan just makes stock in these Companies, any companies really more attractive. Trump planning A$1 trillion Stimulus package just adds fuel to the fire, toss on a bit of  better economic data and why wouldn’t you want to buy stocks and Sell treasuries as the combination of higher deficits =More debt selling ,Inflation maybe one day and better econ data  .

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