Morning 8-12

   Narrow range in the Spoos 13 handles!   Yesterdays highs in SPX $6 away from all time highs…  Stalemate on Covid Stimulus bill talks (pro Farmer)….Apple is unveiling a Series of “Bundles” which will let customers subscribe to several different Digital  services at a lower price-BBG  Stock Up a bit this morning…Cisco down premarket after a worse than expected sales Forecast -BBG….President trump says Administration will provide up to 125 Million reusable masks and CDC teams are ready to deploy to help schools reopen(BBG)….. Big 12 wants to play… A day after the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences revealed they would postpone their seasons until at least the spring semester, the Big 12, which includes Oklahoma and Texas, said it intended to hold league games beginning Sept. 26(Pro farmer) More then Dozen Multinational US companies have pushed back against trumps ban  on We chat(Bbg) ..IEA cut Global Oil Demand for the next 5 Quarters due to lower air travel..Tsla =13% yesterday +45 so far today  5-1 stock split may do that to a stock

Virus news:

 The U.S. is cutting back on coronavirus testing. Nationally, the number of tests performed each day is about 17% lower than it was at the end of July, and testing is also declining in hard-hit states.

  • -Australia’s State of Victoria reports 278 new C-19 cases
  • -NZ recorded 14 new C-19 cases
  • -NZ Health Chief: Don’t need to widen their C-19 restriction outside of Auckland atm9ITC Markets)

Why it matters: This big reduction in testing has helped clear away delays that undermined the response to the pandemic. But doing fewer tests can also undermine the response to the pandemic. (Axios)

 30-year auction today …. Apple just announced a 4-part debt offering this may weigh a bit on   bonds Gold only a $30 range so far today gold down .25%. Silver though still volatile $1.50 range   trading slighty higher. Choppy trade in Stoxx and Dax overnight the latter -.3%. Dollar lower by .25% and Copper -1.5% dollar -.25% feels like an August summer type day so far. Bund yields 3-week highs  Nasdaq back in leadership role +2.28% yesterday and >5% today

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