Chart pattern

I only took 2-3 CMT tests but I can say this looks like a pretty bullish Chart pattern of the SPX, gap and go twice over last 2 weeks.

Does it matter which party controls White house in regards to SPX returns? not really i wont go into R or D in control no need

“So let’s get started: what has happened to the stock market during election years in the past? For the entirety of this analysis, we’ll be looking at the period from 1926 through 2019, and we’ll focus on the S&P 500 Index. During this period, we’ve had 23 Presidential Elections. To set our baseline, over this entire time period, the annual average return for the S&P 500 Index was 12.09%. During election years the S&P 500 only averaged a return of 11.28%, while during non-Presidential election years, the annual average return was 12.35%. So, it would seem like Presidential elections aren’t very good for the stock market – and this sort of makes sense. There’s uncertainty, which markets don’t tend to like very much, but that’s not the full story. What if we break it down even further and look at what happened during those elections? ( BOB FRENCH, CFA JULY 10, 2020)

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