From IFR news…. B-bye to pre-emptive tightening, as in the past when inflation looked to be heading to the 2% target. Now as fate would have it, policy operates on FAIT (flexible inflation targeting). And you’ve got to love the flexible part. The Powell Fed already admitting the goal post will be moved. From where, we don’t even know. But there is a simple translation. It is bullish for bonds. FAIT will allow more QE monetization of Treasury debt. Right said Fed, as every Fedspeaker pleads for another multi-trillion stimulus bill. All but acknowledging the Fed will print and pay for it.

Possibilities increasing that ECB may move a bit quicker with More stimulus and just now we heard from the BOE *RAMSDEN: BOE CAN STEP UP QE PACE SIGNIFICANTLY IF NEEDED-Bloomberg .. So even though Inflation will be allowed to run hotter , the FED likely to continue Bond buying possibly a bit more aggressively then market is pricing? today at least as Long End yields drop in US and Europe. Just when you think the Puzzle of the markets makes some sense it doesnt

Stronger dollar today trade precious metals accordingly gold more sideways then trending lately ,DXY,Dollar index more of correction then a start of a new uptrend In my opinion, watch your Technicals to determine id sideways trade coming to an end

Stock sectors :

Utilities leading?? What gives there

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