China trade talks redux?

Sentiment today reminiscence of the China -U.S. trade talks where Markets are just waiting for the Next tweet or tape bomb indicating Stimulus talks on or off before making a trade. Yes Nasdaq and spoos trending higher but markets still a bit hesitant nervous to be active. The trump twitter storm has subsided from A cat 5 ,Markets still holding out hope of something before election day. Tonight’s V.P. Debate hopefully focused on policy and not yelling and screaming ,tonight’s debate takes a bit more importance due to the age of the presidential candidates.

Nasdaq +1.8% but still stuck in sideways trading range over last 8 days,as is spoos waiting game continues. Everyone a winner today

Nat Gas 3-Month Implied volatility daily

Crude Oil 3-Month implied volatility is depressed

now TLT Vix coming to life 30 minute chart

but the 10 Year treasury Vix trending lower again 30 minute chart

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