Morning 10-30

How is Big tech doing after yesterday’s earnings release?

Apple -4%, AMZN -1%, FB -1%, Alphabet +.5%, twitter -14%

   Nasdaq  -1.1% following a weekly pattern of one day down  then next day up Mon, Wed and now Friday lower Tues .and Thur. Higher  Dollar sideways  European stocks steady Dax has 1 positive close this week a gain of .3% registered yesterday. tech Sector in Europe little changed so far today Better than Expected GDP in Italy, Germany, France and Spain did little for markets as data is backwards looking. Remember ECB yesterday all but guaranteed more stimulus to come in December. Gold Small bid Bond yields a touch lower Bunds unchanged. Waiting game continues A note WSJ “Many investors expect Joe Biden to win the White House. But the prospects for many key policy shifts—such as greater economic stimulus or Mr. Biden’s health-care policies—hang on who controls the Senate. That is harder to predict. Polls show a good chance that the Democrats could win unified control of Congress, but also that Republicans could hold the Senate majority even if they lose the presidency”   Virus worries still present yesterday new cases in U.S. topped 89K a new daily high .All eyes on Tuesday ,Month end today  maty cause a bit of movement. Any takers on this bet   Bloomberg reports that quant trading firm Susquehanna International Group is willing to take the other side of wagers on the presidential race for up to $100 million per bet, says a person familiar with the firm, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the plans are not public

 Nat gas Steady, Daily LNG exports touch an all time high yesterday, crude oil steady so far today been a rough week for oil down 12% from Mondays highs to today’s lows

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