A few things

European 2 year yields:

  • Germany and Finland -.80%
  • Slovakia -.92%
  • Netherlands -.78%
  • Italy -.25%

The 5 year maturities Italy and Greece the only two EZ countries with Positive yield,10 year maturities 6 out of 16 have positive yields and with 30 year maturity a handful of negative yields but 10 out of 13 still positive. With ECB talking about Lowering rates and more Bond buying in December will the the search for positive yield bring all maturities across EZ into negative territory?

LNG exports continue to impressive,+6.8% week ending 11-1 but Nat Gas prices are not responding as they did two a weeks ago when November was the front month. Weather at least for the next few weeks more important.One note on LNG exports week ending 10-18 +25% week ending 10-25 +25% hmmm

NG calendar swap spreads for ‘21,22,’23 normalized on 1-3-2020 . 2021 continues to show worries about supply

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