Per BBG EM the new Tech?

meaning the “heads I win,tails you lose trade ” (Cameron Crise) I believe this would apply to a Biden win which seems likely but not there yet. lets Look at some market indicators and and markets to see if this narrative is gaining some traction. My own thoughts, possibly less global conflict thus not so much angst with trading partners and a bit of room for EM assets to run .

Citi emerging markets macro Risk Index

J.P. Morgan EM Currency markets index spot, Running up on 200 day moving average,a bit of technical in play

Also helping all thinks equal the new Goldilocks Scenario in U.S. of gridlock in congress weaker dollar ,higher Nasdaq lifting all risky assets

lastly A home made index made up of the average of 15 or so EM currencies,30 minute chart. obviously a bid came into the Crosses as dollar tumbled the last 2 days. Small stimulus and a bit of QE expectations will do that to dollar

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