Happy New Year!

 Happy new year!  Onward and upwards for 2021

…..More than six in 10 Americans are hopeful about 2021, managing editor David Nather writes from a new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

63% of respondents to the poll (Dec. 14-20; 3,561 U.S. adults) said they are more hopeful than fearful about what 2021 holds in store for the world, while 36% said they’re more fearful.

  • That is a jump in optimism compared to the same poll heading into 2019, when just 51% said they were hopeful and 48% said they were fearful.
  • The only group that was not optimistic about 2021 was Republicans: 41% said they were more hopeful, while 58% said they were more fearful.

Between the lines: Americans were even more optimistic about the year ahead for them personally — mostly driven by the hopes of young adults, people of color and Democrats. (AXIOS)

Some facts in no order of importance.

The BSE Sensex index (INDIA) ended the last trading day of the year at an all-time high of 47,751, booking a 15.8% yearly gain in 2020. Trading economics (TE)

London’s FTSE 100 closed 1.5% lower at 6,460 on the final trading day of the year and the last day of the post-Brexit transition period, bringing the annual loss to 14% and suffering its worst year since 2008 (TE)

It has been a year since China reported the first cases of coronavirus to the World Health Organization. Meanwhile, more than 82 million cases have been identified, of which 19.7 million in the US, 10.2 million in India, 7.6 million in Brazil and over 3 million in Russia. At least 1.8 million deaths have been attributed to the pandemic, including 342 thousand in the US, 193 thousand in Brazil, 148 thousand in India and 124 thousand in Mexico. (TE)

Brent crude traded above $51 per barrel on the last trading day of 2020 but was on course for a 20% yearly loss as strict coronavirus lockdowns throughout the year sent oil prices to negative territory for the first time on record. (TA)

The Shanghai Composite added 1.7% to 3,473 on the last trading day of 2020, its highest level since February 2018. The index also gained 14% for the year as investors pushed risk assets including stocks to sky-high valuations on expectations that widespread vaccine distribution in 2021 will reignite economic growth (TA)

YTD % changes in USD

Dow +6.5, SPX +15.5, NDX +43, Russell +18, stoxx +4. Dax +13, NKy +22.China CSi 300 +35, South Korea Kospi +39 Losers Hang Seng -2.9, CAC unchanged, Spain -15, Austria -12


 Winners YTD; Lumber +115% LME copper +27%, Iron ore 65%. Nickel 19%, Spot Silver 48%, Spot Gold 24%, Spot platinum 11%, palladium 23%Steel 18% Corn 23%, Soybeans 39%, Soymeal +44% Soy oil +24%Sugar +13,wheat +13%,Nat Gas +14%  and UK Nat Gas +86%!,Rubber +57% palm oil(Malaysia) +30%

 Losers: YTD CL -21%, gasoil -31%, gasoline -17% heating oil -27%, Live cattle -10% Coffee -1.6%, feeder -5%, Hogs -5% Livestock not a group faring well this year compared to almost all other commodities

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