Morning 1-12

  Yields higher again today in Both Europe and USA, 10 year yields   1.16%, bonds at 1.90% Bund yields up through -.5% printing at -.47%/ Early Fed taper? Run up in real rates, 10- and 30-year auctions all playing a part as is the Dem control of the Senate.  Stocks bouncing a bit today Spoos +11 handles, Nas +45 Stocks in Europe sideways. Dollar sideways/ choppy trade   as well. something to note Yuan weaker vs dollar since turn to the new year, Dollar has rallied. Shanghai stocks highest in almost 6 years as financials and Consumer staples lead the index higher.

 Oil bid Nat gas Bid maybe a bit of Colder weather forecast end of Month also Demand for LNG due to Cold snap in Asia as global LNG prices rallying.UK Nat gas 2-year highs, Coal prices near 18-month highs as the scramble for Fuel for power generation grows


 Politico: US House Speaker Pelosi told members in a private call they need to return to the capital on Tuesday night as the impeachment is scheduled for 9am Wednesday morning; if this goes through the House it’d move immediately to the Senate however Senate Majority Leader McConnell has indicated a trial likely won’t start until the chamber reopens on Jan 19th, Senate Minority Leader Schumer wants to use emergency powers to convene the chamber, but this would require buy in from McConnell who’s unlikely to agree  

 Via Axios” warnings concerned an insurrection plot that would involve demonstrators surrounding the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court, and then blocking Democrats from entering the building ― possibly by assassinating them ― so that Republicans could take control of the government.”


  • US small business optimism index drops to 7-month lows,9-10 sub-indexes dropped a gauge of owner’s outlook for general business conditions dropped to lowest levels since 2016.
  • Japan Extending state of emergency to 3 more cities.
  • Lunar new year in China, may bring Further lockdown Measures -WSJ.
  • Crop Report today   buy the rumor sell the news.?  A big deal today
  • Bitcoin up so far today

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