Morning 2-18

Asian markets back online and Stocks Finished lower on session, CSi 300 -.68%, Kospi -1.5%, hang Seng -1.58%, Shenzhen -.41%   Nasdaq a touch heavy down 100 handles, Spoos decent overnight range of 32 handles, Spoos and Russ -.3% Stoxx Little changed as is dax. Copper 12 handle range + 3 % on day Squeeze in tin continues +3% as I type, Aluminum +2% Dollar sideways to lower GBP stones throw from 1.40 handle some positive virus news helping with sentiment. As A note

 Texas hmm Governor Abbot trying to restrict Sales of Nat Gas to other states, many believe this violates Constitution, we shall see. Nat Gas production bounced yesterday .4% after declining for 8 straight days. Oil production down some 40%, brent Calendar spreads Well bid as the World scrambles for Additional oil as U.S. Exports likely to be Zero for foreseeable future. Very impressive move in brent Cal especially with April as Front month   9 days of higher closes April -May spread. I would have imagined Energy would have been a bit more volatile outside of Cash markets.

Markets pausing a bit today   watching treasury Yields for direction remember Higher yields likely to have the biggest impact on Nasdaq. Treasury Yields steady, dollar sideways to lower. Robin hood game stop saga hearing in front of House panel today

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